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smiling preschooler organizing and counting beads


2½ - 5½ Years Old

Primary student using play dough

A Typical Day

In the Primary Class

Primary student practicing opening containers


the Prepared Environment

Upcoming Events

  1. Early Dismissal (11:30am)

    November 22
  2. Thanksgiving Break (No School)

    November 25 - November 29
  3. Prospective Parent Tour

    December 4@9:30 am - 10:30 am
  4. Early Dismissal (11:30am)

    December 20


  • When we moved to Sonoma from the city a few years ago, we toured many schools to find the right fit for our 2.5 year old son. After shadowing the Primary class at Crescent, we knew immediately that the program was above and beyond anything else we had seen. The classroom and materials were impeccably organized and thoughtful, and the children were fully focused on their activities or supporting their classmates quietly to complete their work. Crescent Montessori is one of the main reasons we have decided to keep our family in Sonoma, as we believe that the education he is receiving here is foundational for the rest of his life.
  • Three of my children attended Crescent Montessori preschool. Crescent cultivates the perfect mix of play, focus, wonder, respect of the natural world and each other. Crescent kids come out as world citizens and hungry learners, not just ready kindergarteners.
  • We love Crescent. We always look forward to each day with our teachers and friends. We like the positive and encouraging learning environment. The teachers are kind and caring, and it is evident that they are happy to be our teachers. It is a place where our teachers foster our sense of curiosity. We can never ask too many questions. Our teachers encourage us to find the answers and keep asking more questions. We like that we are free to concentrate on one subject as long as we want during the day. When we are ready to learn more advanced subjects, our teachers are eager to introduce more advanced lessons. Learning at Crescent is fun! Joseph, Isabella & Alegria, Alumni, Middle School and Senior Elementary Students
  • I’m not sure I’d still be teaching if I hadn’t somehow—fortuitously—come to Crescent. You see, you go into teaching thinking how rewarding it will be to help children learn, but then in the vast majority of educational settings, you spend your day struggling to manage a group by controlling their behavior. Not so at Crescent. Of course there is an element of classroom management, but because the children are free to make so many of their own choices, I get to spend most of my day bearing witness to magical moments when children discover something they didn’t know before, whether that be a property of magnets, a mathematical truth, or simply their ability to write a sentence. I am so grateful to teach where we aren’t expected to force square pegs into round holes and where we can trust in a child’s innate desire to learn. Casey Richter, Junior Elementary Teacher
  • My son attended Crescent Montessori for third and fifth grade in the Senior Elementary, and then was in the school’s inaugural Middle School class, attending for all three years. When he began high school last year, he was fully prepared academically, and excelled in all of his classes. As a sophomore he is flourishing in AP Biology, Honors English, Spanish, and Algebra II. He is on the track and cross-country teams too, a practice that got its start when he participated in Crescent’s Running Club. The mixed- age classrooms at Crescent were beneficial, as he got to be a helper to younger children, and learn from and help teach his peers. Beyond the excellent academic preparation he got at Crescent, he has a robust appetite for learning, and an open-minded, enthusiastic approach to his studies. Crescent’s small class size, personal attention and guidance, and focus on self-directed exploration—as opposed to grades, rankings, and test scores—all facilitated his curiosity, confidence, and love of learning. Sarah Ford-Monroe, Crescent Alumni Parent
  • I feel our lives have changed since we have enrolled my son and now also my daughter at Crescent. We are all better, happier and more fulfilled. It's a school that focuses on taking care of each individual child needs, understanding his/her own development stage, nurturing the inner self and dispensing knowledge like I have never seen before. It also involves the parents in this amazing process of growth and education, creating a strong sense of purpose and community. It's a school that cares. It's a school that excels. Most of all, it's not just a school, it's a wonderful group of teachers and staff committed to the children's success in becoming self confident, caring, polite, educated, productive citizens of the world. Niki Camerin, Crescent Parent
  • I knew Crescent would be the choice for my family when I met the teachers and took a tour of the classrooms. One look at the classroom material demonstrated the enormity of activities that are presented to students. Since that initial visit, I feel we have benefitted from the relationship with our children’s teachers and the insight they have provided on our children’s educational path as well as emotional and social development. As a new parent, I was grateful to have someone that knew my child well and that I trusted to discuss my child’s development with. Crescent continues to provide each of my children a curriculum that not only promotes self-motivation and personal responsibility, but also meets each of our children’s personal educational and developmental needs, and is fluid enough to change as quickly as my children can. Kiera Larbre, Crescent Parent

Crescent Montessori Blog

Apply by August 1! Scholarships Available for 2018-2019

We’re delighted to announce that a limited number of full-tuition scholarships will be available for upper elementary and middle school students entering grades 3-8 in the 2018-2019 school year — giving more Sonoma Valley families the opportunity to experience Montessori education at Crescent. The deadline for applications to the program is August 1. To learn […]

Movie Night Fun

Crescent’s first ever school-wide family movie night was a wonderful evening for our entire school community. We enjoyed visiting and catching up with friends during a meal of pizza and salad before our movie. Shaun the Sheep entertained us all, young and old. Thank you to Dulce, Eileen, Janneth, and Karin for setting up the […]

Thoughts on Our New School Year

This year as the students arrived on the first day I was reminded of something wonderful that never fails to surprise me. One student, with one foot over the threshold said to me, “Mrs. K I’m doing a report on the eclipse!” Three of my returning students took the chemistry kit off the shelf and began to build molecules. They stayed engaged with the project for three days. Coming back to their old familiar classroom, students take up where they left off. It amazes me, in the most fitting way, by confirming that learning without borders is the best gift we can give to school children – the ultimate experience that schooling has to offer, a Montessori education.

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